♣ My Blizzard Essentials ♣

So where I live, there’s something going on, called the winter storm Jonas. It’s almost like I’m living on Mt. Everest. To prepare ourselves for next year, I thought I’d make a list showing my top 5 snow essentials. Although a lot of people might not have snow storms where they live, this list can also apply for people who just like to stay in and have cozy nights during the winter season.

  1. Fuzzy socks- It’s not winter without fuzzy socks. These are a must-have for every winter because they leave your feet warm and snug. You can get fuzzy socks basically anywhere. Target, Old Navy, Gap, and J Crew (camp-socks are a great alternative) have great options for these socks for great prices- especially after the holiday season.
  2. Oversized Hoodie- Nothing better than being a sweater that’s bigger than you. I love my Harvard oversized hoodie and do not know what I would do without it. Having a regular sweatshirt can be exciting, but a hood makes all the difference. With a hood, you can always put it over your head and exclude yourself from the rest of the world and just watch Netflix. Speaking of Netflix….
  3. Netflix- Staying home all day can get really boring, especially when there’s nothing on T.V. That’s why there’s Netflix! Netflix can keep you busy for a while, considering they have a wide variety of television shows and movies. You can watch with your whole family, if you wanted to.
  4. Portable Charger- I hate that moment when I see that my phone has less than 10% of energy left. Nothing is worse than sitting next to a socket, on the cold, hard floor. Or, worse yet, when the power’s out and the only thing you have left is your phone. To fix that problem, all you need is a portable charger…or an extension chord. But the charger is better. All you have to do is charge the charger anytime your phone isn’t using the plug-in charger. The next time you need a charger, there it is, right by your side. You can find some good chargers at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more!
  5. Board Games- Family time can be the best time. Take advantage of the time you have inside with your family and do something fun. Board games can be found in basic stores, like Target and Walmart. Playing games, like Life and Monopoly, can take a while, but it only means you’re spending more time with the people you love. And after a while, you won’t even realize that there’s a storm outside.

Hope you liked my essentials. What are yours?

♣ eRa ♣



♣ My Winter Wishlist Pt 2 ♣

 Welcome back to my wishlist! Here’s where we left off:

“NATO Strap Watch 36mm” by Daniel Wellington- $175


So, recently I came across one of Daria Smith’s YouTube video’s when I saw a really cute watch that looked both young, and preppy. I immediately adored it and had to know where it was from. Later, I found that it was from Daniel Wellington, a watch-making company. I’ve never invested in an actual watch or even had the desire to get one, but when I saw these watches, I knew I strongly wanted it. This images.jpggreat company makes high quality watches for both men and women. Normally, an adult would invest in their leather-strapped watches, but I’ve been seeing a lot of teenagers get the NATO- strapped ones. I’m normally the leather type gal when it comes  to watches, but this instantly sparked in my head. The watches come in various sizes, but I only listed the 36mm because it is what is most common for women images.jpgand is normally what is most seen online. They also come in different colors like navy/baby pink, navy/white, navy/baby pink/white, navy/green, etc. So, you wont have to worry too much if you don’t like the colors I’ve introduced. I like these watches very much and intend to get one later in the year.

“Better Sweater 1/4 Zip” by Patagonia-$99

Patagonia Women's Better Sweater 1/4 Zip- Birch WhiteThe “Better Sweaters” from Patagonia come in different colors; grays, blues, greens, a red, and a purple. Their is also a full zip and vest version of this sweater for those who don’t have much cold weather in there area. This fleece sweater gives people the warmth and comfort they need  in the winter season. It’s a versatile and comfortable sweater that much preppy and outdoorsy people like to have over them. If you are purchasing one, be sure to check their sizing and reviews because customers say they run a size smaller. My sister used to want one, but instead got a look-alike from the north face that she was perfectly content with. It cost about the same and I see very few people with the same one. I want one, but will probably get one later in the year when the winter season starts right back up. 

“Celebrity Monogram Necklace in 18k Gold Platings” by My Name Necklace- $106.60, now $79.95

So, I have been wanting a monogram necklace for over a year now and I don’t know why I still haven’t gotten one. Although this necklace is not 100%  gold, I just want something cheaper, and this is less than half the cost! Tons of other websites do sell monogrammed necklaces, but My Name Necklace is known for their low prices. Monogram necklaces go great with casual and dressy outfits. Sometimes, a monogram necklace can be the glue that keeps your outfit together. I prefer the gold over silver because I was always have outfits that match gold better. If I could get one, I would get the normal sized, 18″, double chain monogram necklace. I might ask to get this for my birthday, but I do not want to wait that long.

I hope you guys liked my list a lot and keep visiting.  Au revoir

♣ eRa ♣



So, I know when I first saw this pin on Pinterest, I clicked it. In this post, I will tell you how you can get free stickers, guaranteed! You can use stickers for your water bottle, laptop, notebook, etc. All you have to do is go to your favorite preppy website, for example, Jadelynn Brooke. Although this process varies on different websites, some sites have a sticker request. On the top-right corner of their homepage, they have a “Happy Sticker Request”. All you have to do is click it, click the online form link, and then fill out the information! Many other websites have these ‘sticker request forms’, but some actually don’t. Sometimes all you have to do is go to the company’s contact page and about your concern, there might be an option that says “sticker request” and all you have to do is politely ask the company for stickers. Don’t forget to type in your address! Other websites, such as Vineyard Vines, might have you personally email the company for stickers. Remember to ask the company politely, like so: “Hello _______, my name is _________ and I am such a big fan of your brand! I was wondering if you could send me some promotional stickers so that I can represent my admiration for this brand! If I could be sent some stickers, please send to this address: (address here-don’t forget!)”

images.jpgBrands that have “Sticker Request Forms”:

Patagonia– Stickers are limited

Jadelynn Brooke “Happy Sticker Request”

Southern Marsh– You can choose!

Southern Tide

Luxley and Bernard

Coast Apparel– You can choose, too!

Pelican Coast– You can choose…again!

Marley Lilly– You’ll have to pay for shipping, but still a good steal


 Brands that you can email:

Vineyard Vines- tieguys@vineyardvines.com

Sperry- customerservice@sperrytopsider.com

Southern Fried Cotton- info@southernfriedcotton.com

Summer Ties- staff@summerties.com

Just Madras- info@justmadras.com

Sloane Ranger- info@sloaneranger.com

Brewer’s Lantern- customercare@brewerslantern.com


Brands where you can fill out “Contact Us” info:

Simply Southern

Brewer’s Lantern– You can email, instead

The North Face

 Brands that have you email them (click links for further assistance):

 Ivory Ella– P.O. Box 492 , East Lyme, CT 06333

Over Under– 4849 Dawin Road, Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32207



♣ eRa ♣

♣ My Winter Wishlist ♣

So, I know the Winter season is halfway over, but I’ve just realized my need for these winter-related items. I want to get majority of these products this year, but I can only hope. Here they are:

 “All Prep Pullover” by Southern Proper: $125

This pullover has been ranted on numerous times on YT, Pinterest, blogs, etc. and I’ve been having such a huge wish for it. Anything SoPro is in my interest. Although the price is what people might say outrageous, the quality is said to be at a high range. The pullover has 100% polyester fleece with some tartan nylon accents. The pullovers come in different colors such as grey, hunter green, and a bright blue. Some people like the sweater to fit looser, so they order one size larger. In the picture below, YouTuber, Daria Smith, reviewed the All Prep Pullover on her blog, Country and Class. Lucky enough, this SoPro rep was able to give us a promo code to get 15% off our total purchase: “xcgal98”


“L.L. Bean Boots”  by L.L. Bean: $89-$139

Bean Boots. Again, ranted on by so much people on social media. From good ‘ol L.L. Bean comes the popular L.L. Bean Boots. I love L.L. Bean for its amazing quality products and this boot gives me much excitement. I’ve been wanting a pair for a bit now, ever since I saw them all over Pinterest. These waterproof duck boots come with a  rubber base and a leather top. They come in  different heights, colors, widths, and looks. Heights include 10″, 8″ (my personal favorite), 6″, and even a size that locks right around the ankle. Of course, the height of the boot does determine the cost of the shoes. The typical L.L. Bean Boots come in brown rubber or navy blue rubber. Some boots do come with “thinsulation”. A thin material is put into the bottom of the boot that insulates the foot for warmth and comfort.

” Le Pliage Nylon” by Longchamp: $115-$145

This bag, by Longchamp, has been seen all over the internet. I have been wanting it for a while now, but have never seriously considered buying one. Lately, though, I have been wanting a nice quality bag that I can take anywhere. This bag is said to last people a long time. I hear a lot of people say that when they scuff the bag, all they have to do is  rub it to get the mark off. This is because the bag is made out if nylon and is water-resistant.  This bag comes in 4 sizes, min, small, medium, and large. Just like the bean boots, the bigger size the bag is, the more it will cost. The Le Pliage’s also come in numerous color’s, so you can find one that perfectly fit your liking! Occasionally, Nordstrom holds sales for the product, and you can find a great deal.

Part 2 of this wishlist will be up tomorrow!

♣ eRa ♣


♣ Welcome to my Blog ♣

 Hello, my name is Emily. As my first post, I feel like I need to introduce myself. First off, I am a teenager that holds a lot of dreams. I can’t wait for what life has for me in the future. I live in the DMV area and enjoy my surroundings very much. I love the outdoors and can’t live a life without sunlight. I would describe my personality as relaxed, humorous, and, most important of all, kind. I love all sports and all things athletic. My hobbies include sports, Netflix, and YouTube. I could watch YouTube for hours. In fact I do most days. My style is pretty simple, but I do like to change it up, now and then. I love fashion and that’s a part of why I created this blog. Any inspiration I can get is valuable and I always put it into consideration. I have a weak spot in my heart for animals and I even have a dog who I praise. He’s getting pretty old and I want to make these last years with him perfect. Lastly, I love meeting new people. The more, the merrier. I always want to have someone I can talk to about anything. I always want to have someone close by my side. That’s just a glimpse of me, but I hope it’s enough. I’ll see you next time.


♣ eRa ♣