About Me

Hello, I’m Emily! I live in the U.S.A and I started this blog to express myself and meet new people. I enjoy life and try to make the most of it. I consider myself a hard worker and am in hopes that I can update this blog as much as possible.

As for my personal life, I live with my mom, dad, sister, and little old dog. I am blessed to have a family that is so close and creative. We do everything as a family-not in a bad way-and no one is left behind.

In the future, I see myself as a successful- something. I don’t exactly know what I want to be, but I distract myself with the hard worker I am in school, and life overall. I wouldn’t call myself an over-achiever, but I would say I put the right amount of effort into things.

 Oh yeah, I also love the outdoors and try to get out there as much as possible. A life without nature, is not a life at all. I’m sure that when you see this, I’ll be outdoors, no matter what season.

I hope everyone who comes across my blog seems to enjoy it. Overall, this blog will include fashion, nature, style,and many other topics. Brands I enjoy to {window (;} shop at are Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, American Eagle, Francesca’s, and a ton more-I really mean it. Don’t worry if you don’t like any of these brands because I do tend to switch up my interest in style, but not in a way where this blog will look much different.

I hope to see you again!

♣ eRa ♣


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