♣ My Blizzard Essentials ♣

So where I live, there’s something going on, called the winter storm Jonas. It’s almost like I’m living on Mt. Everest. To prepare ourselves for next year, I thought I’d make a list showing my top 5 snow essentials. Although a lot of people might not have snow storms where they live, this list can also apply for people who just like to stay in and have cozy nights during the winter season.

  1. Fuzzy socks- It’s not winter without fuzzy socks. These are a must-have for every winter because they leave your feet warm and snug. You can get fuzzy socks basically anywhere. Target, Old Navy, Gap, and J Crew (camp-socks are a great alternative) have great options for these socks for great prices- especially after the holiday season.
  2. Oversized Hoodie- Nothing better than being a sweater that’s bigger than you. I love my Harvard oversized hoodie and do not know what I would do without it. Having a regular sweatshirt can be exciting, but a hood makes all the difference. With a hood, you can always put it over your head and exclude yourself from the rest of the world and just watch Netflix. Speaking of Netflix….
  3. Netflix- Staying home all day can get really boring, especially when there’s nothing on T.V. That’s why there’s Netflix! Netflix can keep you busy for a while, considering they have a wide variety of television shows and movies. You can watch with your whole family, if you wanted to.
  4. Portable Charger- I hate that moment when I see that my phone has less than 10% of energy left. Nothing is worse than sitting next to a socket, on the cold, hard floor. Or, worse yet, when the power’s out and the only thing you have left is your phone. To fix that problem, all you need is a portable charger…or an extension chord. But the charger is better. All you have to do is charge the charger anytime your phone isn’t using the plug-in charger. The next time you need a charger, there it is, right by your side. You can find some good chargers at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more!
  5. Board Games- Family time can be the best time. Take advantage of the time you have inside with your family and do something fun. Board games can be found in basic stores, like Target and Walmart. Playing games, like Life and Monopoly, can take a while, but it only means you’re spending more time with the people you love. And after a while, you won’t even realize that there’s a storm outside.

Hope you liked my essentials. What are yours?

♣ eRa ♣



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