♣ My Winter Wishlist Pt 2 ♣

 Welcome back to my wishlist! Here’s where we left off:

“NATO Strap Watch 36mm” by Daniel Wellington- $175


So, recently I came across one of Daria Smith’s YouTube video’s when I saw a really cute watch that looked both young, and preppy. I immediately adored it and had to know where it was from. Later, I found that it was from Daniel Wellington, a watch-making company. I’ve never invested in an actual watch or even had the desire to get one, but when I saw these watches, I knew I strongly wanted it. This images.jpggreat company makes high quality watches for both men and women. Normally, an adult would invest in their leather-strapped watches, but I’ve been seeing a lot of teenagers get the NATO- strapped ones. I’m normally the leather type gal when it comes  to watches, but this instantly sparked in my head. The watches come in various sizes, but I only listed the 36mm because it is what is most common for women images.jpgand is normally what is most seen online. They also come in different colors like navy/baby pink, navy/white, navy/baby pink/white, navy/green, etc. So, you wont have to worry too much if you don’t like the colors I’ve introduced. I like these watches very much and intend to get one later in the year.

“Better Sweater 1/4 Zip” by Patagonia-$99

Patagonia Women's Better Sweater 1/4 Zip- Birch WhiteThe “Better Sweaters” from Patagonia come in different colors; grays, blues, greens, a red, and a purple. Their is also a full zip and vest version of this sweater for those who don’t have much cold weather in there area. This fleece sweater gives people the warmth and comfort they need  in the winter season. It’s a versatile and comfortable sweater that much preppy and outdoorsy people like to have over them. If you are purchasing one, be sure to check their sizing and reviews because customers say they run a size smaller. My sister used to want one, but instead got a look-alike from the north face that she was perfectly content with. It cost about the same and I see very few people with the same one. I want one, but will probably get one later in the year when the winter season starts right back up. 

“Celebrity Monogram Necklace in 18k Gold Platings” by My Name Necklace- $106.60, now $79.95

So, I have been wanting a monogram necklace for over a year now and I don’t know why I still haven’t gotten one. Although this necklace is not 100%  gold, I just want something cheaper, and this is less than half the cost! Tons of other websites do sell monogrammed necklaces, but My Name Necklace is known for their low prices. Monogram necklaces go great with casual and dressy outfits. Sometimes, a monogram necklace can be the glue that keeps your outfit together. I prefer the gold over silver because I was always have outfits that match gold better. If I could get one, I would get the normal sized, 18″, double chain monogram necklace. I might ask to get this for my birthday, but I do not want to wait that long.

I hope you guys liked my list a lot and keep visiting.  Au revoir

♣ eRa ♣



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