♣ My Winter Wishlist ♣

So, I know the Winter season is halfway over, but I’ve just realized my need for these winter-related items. I want to get majority of these products this year, but I can only hope. Here they are:

 “All Prep Pullover” by Southern Proper: $125

This pullover has been ranted on numerous times on YT, Pinterest, blogs, etc. and I’ve been having such a huge wish for it. Anything SoPro is in my interest. Although the price is what people might say outrageous, the quality is said to be at a high range. The pullover has 100% polyester fleece with some tartan nylon accents. The pullovers come in different colors such as grey, hunter green, and a bright blue. Some people like the sweater to fit looser, so they order one size larger. In the picture below, YouTuber, Daria Smith, reviewed the All Prep Pullover on her blog, Country and Class. Lucky enough, this SoPro rep was able to give us a promo code to get 15% off our total purchase: “xcgal98”


“L.L. Bean Boots”  by L.L. Bean: $89-$139

Bean Boots. Again, ranted on by so much people on social media. From good ‘ol L.L. Bean comes the popular L.L. Bean Boots. I love L.L. Bean for its amazing quality products and this boot gives me much excitement. I’ve been wanting a pair for a bit now, ever since I saw them all over Pinterest. These waterproof duck boots come with a  rubber base and a leather top. They come in  different heights, colors, widths, and looks. Heights include 10″, 8″ (my personal favorite), 6″, and even a size that locks right around the ankle. Of course, the height of the boot does determine the cost of the shoes. The typical L.L. Bean Boots come in brown rubber or navy blue rubber. Some boots do come with “thinsulation”. A thin material is put into the bottom of the boot that insulates the foot for warmth and comfort.

” Le Pliage Nylon” by Longchamp: $115-$145

This bag, by Longchamp, has been seen all over the internet. I have been wanting it for a while now, but have never seriously considered buying one. Lately, though, I have been wanting a nice quality bag that I can take anywhere. This bag is said to last people a long time. I hear a lot of people say that when they scuff the bag, all they have to do is  rub it to get the mark off. This is because the bag is made out if nylon and is water-resistant.  This bag comes in 4 sizes, min, small, medium, and large. Just like the bean boots, the bigger size the bag is, the more it will cost. The Le Pliage’s also come in numerous color’s, so you can find one that perfectly fit your liking! Occasionally, Nordstrom holds sales for the product, and you can find a great deal.

Part 2 of this wishlist will be up tomorrow!

♣ eRa ♣



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