♣ Welcome to my Blog ♣

 Hello, my name is Emily. As my first post, I feel like I need to introduce myself. First off, I am a teenager that holds a lot of dreams. I can’t wait for what life has for me in the future. I live in the DMV area and enjoy my surroundings very much. I love the outdoors and can’t live a life without sunlight. I would describe my personality as relaxed, humorous, and, most important of all, kind. I love all sports and all things athletic. My hobbies include sports, Netflix, and YouTube. I could watch YouTube for hours. In fact I do most days. My style is pretty simple, but I do like to change it up, now and then. I love fashion and that’s a part of why I created this blog. Any inspiration I can get is valuable and I always put it into consideration. I have a weak spot in my heart for animals and I even have a dog who I praise. He’s getting pretty old and I want to make these last years with him perfect. Lastly, I love meeting new people. The more, the merrier. I always want to have someone I can talk to about anything. I always want to have someone close by my side. That’s just a glimpse of me, but I hope it’s enough. I’ll see you next time.


♣ eRa ♣



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